Site Packages, Banners & Logos
Package #1 Mini Site
Loaded with 3 galleries of affiliate content. Your choice in niche. Site may need monthly/bi-monthly content updates.
  $150 (add-ons may cost more)  
Package #2 TGPSite
Multiple rows of pictures that link through to your selection of hot affiliate content that pays you up to $125 per sign-up to your site! May require occasional updating.
  $500 (add-ons may cost more)  
Package #3 Mini Blog Site
Get better traffic, organically from search engines. These have an easy-to-use online content management system and are designed in the newest version of Wordpress!
  $500 (add-ons may cost more)  
Package #4 Premium Blog Site
Get the BIGGEST traffic bang for your BUCK$ with this site. All of the features of Package #3, but maxed-out with key words and optimization. We do ALL of your SEO on this site to get you rolling.
  $1000 (add-ons may cost more)  
Package #5 Paysite
This is your traditional website that uses original content. You need to have all documentation on your models before we can build one of these, but they can definiately be a lucrative site-type to go with.
  $1000 (add-ons may cost more)  
Package #6 Automated Hub Site
This site style utilizes all of the new technologies and morphs them into a great option for those who like the freedom of self-updating content. Good site option for those seeking traffic and/or multiple niches.
  $825 (add-ons may cost more)  
Package #7 Combo Package
6 premium blog sites, 1 automated hub, 1 TGP site, 1 custom banner per site, directory submission, plus 50 hardlinks. Sites are all easily updated with the 'click' of a button! Talk about a traffic package!
  $10,000 (add-ons may cost more)
Example banners for your site!

*All sites come with affiliate content of your choice


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